Internet Safety

ICT, including the Internet and the VLE, has become an important part of learning in our school. We expect all of our students to be responsible and safe when using any ICT so all students and their parents are expected to sign an ICT agreement stating acceptable use guidelines.

The internet is a powerful learning tool when used correctly but you and we know that some materials available via the Internet can be illegal, offensive or inaccurate. Our service provider therefore filters all the material that comes into school and keeps a check on all accounts being accessed and, during school, staff will guide pupils towards appropriate materials.

If you follow some simple guidelines, you will find you have few problems. These are Parkside students’ top tips:

  • Only use ICT systems in school for school purposes.
  • Never give your password to anyone, including your friends, and change it regularly.
  • If you accidentally come across inappropriate material online, report it to your teacher immediately.
  • Remember that once you send a post, you can’t get it back.
  • Remember too that there is no such thing as privacy or secrecy on the Internet.
  • Never give out personal information online.
  • Never arrange to meet strangers or ‘online friends’.

If you are worried about anything that is happening online or if you just want some extra information and advice, here are some useful contacts:ceop-logo

Helpline Information

If you experience an e-safety related issue outside of school then please use the CEOP website, logo seen above. Here you can get advice and help of potential issues.


All students at Parkside will take part in a progressive e-safety curriculum. This will be delivered to students in Computing lessons, via the PSHE programme, in assemblies, Inspire Days, external visitors and tutor time sessions. We know that the world of the interent is ever changing so you can expect to be educated on the latest issue.

Latest News and Advice

We would also reccomend to all students to download the  “Safer Schools” app. This has been designed to make our community safer online. Through online safeguarding advice tailored to roles, you will gain access to information such as safety settings, online risks, social media advice and blocking and reporting. Empowering you to protect yourself and give advice to others.

Please use the code 3447 to gain access for KS3 students and 4898 for KS4 students.

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