Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE)

PSHE is a subject through which students develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to manage their lives, now and in the future.

At Parkside Academy, we recognise that PSHE is fundamental to pupils ability to learn and prepare for their future. PSHE is lead by the form tutors on a rotational basis throughout the school year. The students study a range of age-appropriate topics, with a graduated approach across each year group. These topics range from positive relationships, to financial awareness, online safety and health and well-being. The rich and varied programme of learning, ensures that our students are equipped to meet the challenges of life outside and beyond school, by making positive and informed choices that will enable that to live happy and fulfilled lives.

The topics that will be covered are listed below for each year group then followed by a rationale for each topic.

Antibullying and Respect and age related bullying

This scheme is led by our Anti-bullying co-ordinator Miss Bell who works with and trains anti-bullying ambassadors through the year groups. This topic gives pupils the opportunity to see the effects of bullying through storyboards and is led by the anti-bullying ambassadors. It shows the pupils different ways they can help their friends if they are being bullied be learning who to approach should they feel that they or their friends are being bullied.


This scheme is led by Mr Goldsmith and a team of other teachers who are part of the ‘Well-being team’ around the school. This team consists of heads of year and other teachers. This topic aims to show pupils ways that they can take care of themselves both physically and mentally to ensure that they are healthy.


This is ran by Mr Stott who focuses the sessions each week on different types of vulnerability through the realms of the internet and mobile technology. Pupils learn about social media, netiquette and safe sharing of information.

British Values

Is overseen by Mrs Orchard who is our head of SMSC. Throughout this topic, pupils learn about the 5 British values, their importance and citizenship. The pupils debate and discuss their views of how they see the world that they live in and how they can contribute to society.

Global Citizenship

This is a new topic that has been introduced this academic year to years 7 & 8. The topic will be ran by their head of year and gives the pupils the time to contribute to society by taking part in charity work. The charity and their volunteering opportunities will be decided by the head of year in consultation with their pupils and the need in the community.


Mr Roe oversees careers and the career pathway opportunities available. This time will give the pupils to explore their options and look at ways that they can progress into their chosen career, give them the skills to identify their interests and look for ways to increase their skill set.

Revision strategies and coping with exam pressure

This is led by the members of SLT who have a specific skill and interest in revision, it will give the pupils the time and showcase a range of strategies for the pupils to try to find their optimum style for revision. This scheme also includes a range of activities looking at coping with exam pressure that have been planned by the school counsellor Donna Heslop.


Is a team from Youth Action Mental Health who come into schools and lead the sessions for the pupils in year 9. We have had this team visit our school now for several years and have had fantastic feedback from pupils who have identified this as a useful resource.


Relationships and Sex Education is co-ordinated by Mrs Sumega. Good quality relationships and sex education provides a consistent message, helps them understand themselves, negotiate relationships and prepares them for adulthood. Please find more information on the topics and our RSE Policy below.

RSE Policy

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