Internet Safety

Access to the Internet enables pupils to explore worldwide information available in libraries, databases and bulletin boards which are an invaluable part of our pupils’ educational development and social upbringing. It is a powerful learning tool and we believe in empowering our pupils with the latest technologies but school is aware that some materials via the Internet may contain items that are illegal, defamatory, inaccurate or potentially offensive.  We want to protect our children and keep them safe whilst providing a safe environment for them to prosper and so our service provider filters all the material coming into our establishment to minimise the risk to pupils from inappropriate material.

Although our aim as teachers is for Internet use to further educational objectives, some pupils may find ways to access other materials as well.  We have an Acceptable Use policy and all parents and pupils will be asked to sign an ICT agreement.  If pupils are found to be accessing inappropriate sites, parents will be contacted and the pupil’s access rights may be removed or altered as a result and further sanctions will be applied, up to and including prosecution.

Outside school, parents bear the same responsibility for such guidance in the use of the Internet, mobile ‘phones etc.

During school, staff will guide pupils towards appropriate materials. For safety, we ask pupils to follow some simple rules:

  • Only use ICT systems in school for school purposes.
  • Never give a password to anyone, including friends, and change it regularly.
  • If a pupil accidently comes across any inappropriate material online, they should report it to the teacher immediately.
  • Remember that once a post is sent, it cannot be retrieved – there is no such thing as privacy or secrecy on the Internet.
  • Never give out personal information online.
  • Never arrange to meet ‘strangers’ or ‘online friends’.

Parents who are concerned about e-safety or would like more advice and guidance about monitoring usage in school, should contact the Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum). The Academy’s E-Safety policy is available on request.

If you are worried about anything that is happening online or if you just want some extra information and advice, here are some useful contacts:

Facebook and social media sites

With modern technologies come modern concerns for our children – excessive use of social media, distraction from classwork or home learning, sleep deprivation, cyberbullying, sexting, grooming etc.

Because of these concerns, Parkside Academy does not allow access to, or the use of, social networking sites such as Facebook, MSN, Beebo etc.  We have found them to be potentially dangerous, time-wasting and a cause of friction between pupils.

The school cannot be responsible for inappropriate behaviour involving Facebook – that is a parental responsibility.  Parents are strongly urged to monitor their children’s use of Facebook, to avoid problems of cyber bullying. Please note that children under 13 years of age should not be allowed to hold a Facebook account. We further urge parents not to become involved in exchanges with young people on their children’s behalf.

In the event that your daughter or son is bullied by Facebook contacts, then the police are the people most likely to be able to intervene.


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