Remembering The Fallen in WW1

December 2nd, 2014

Mr Harrison and Mrs Walker accompanied 12 year 10 pupils to the Somme area of France for the next part of their Comenius project commemorating 100 years since the outbreak of the Great War and leading up to the anniversary of the battle of the Somme. They stayed in a small hotel in the town of Péronne and spent long but interesting days working with the pupils from the school in Roisel. This included spending a day in school, working together at the local museum and in the archives on a variety of activities, visiting Amiens and its famous cathedral and completing a tour of the Battlefields.

As an act of remembrance to the many soldiers who lost their lives in the war and especially the 2 soldiers from Willington who the pupils had researched and who died in the battle of the Somme, a wreath was laid at Thiepval war memorial. The final day was spent at an air show where the group were entertained by the French equivalent of the Red Arrows. The best part was the strong friendships which were built up between les Français and les Anglais and the group are really looking forward to seeing them again in February when they will visit Durham.

Mark Taylor from the Durham Pals gave a workshop to our pupils on the first day of school as part of the Somme group’s enquiry day, whereby they used primary sources supplied by County hall archive service to investigate the lives of 2 local soldiers.