Bulb Planting in our Community

December 10th, 2014

A group of Year 11 pupils took part in a project to brighten up the Aged Miners Bungalows on Hall Lane.  Students worked in partnership with Year 3 children from St Stephen’s CE Primary to plant spring bulbs in planters which were given out to all twenty seven residents.  Funding from Greater Willington Town Council and Durham County Councillors, Joe Buckham and Olwyn Gunn, paid for the crocus and snowdrop bulbs and children had great fund learning how to plant and nurture them.

Councillor Buckham said “It’s been a great to deliver something that encourages children to think about looking after where they live and how they can make it better.  Our younger residents are proud of what they’ve achieved and we are looking forward to seeing the end results which should have a big impact on Willington in the spring”.