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If you are a prospective parent or pupil thank you for considering Parkside Academy as a possible choice for secondary education. If you are a current parent or pupil you will find more information about the school on our V.L.E.

Whilst we stress the importance of high levels of achievement at Parkside, we also believe that pupils should enjoy their education and benefit from a wide range of opportunities in a stimulating environment.  We believe we provide this for our pupils, and Ofsted agree, awarding the school its highest grading of “Outstanding”.

We encourage our pupils to adopt a healthy lifestyle and to demonstrate good manners coupled with respect and courtesy to others. There is a calm and purposeful atmosphere in the school exemplifying our ethos of aspiration, hard work and achievement.

Our pupils are our biggest asset and the care and support we provide allows them to develop confidence and skills that help prepare them for life beyond school with many of them already giving freely of their time and effort in pupil leadership and charitable fundraising events. They are smart, polite, reliable and enthusiastic and leave us as successful, high achieving young people.

We hope you will join us in working towards our aim of developing this outstanding school into an exceptional school.

Kelvin Simpson, Headteacher

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Be Strong Online Engage Evening
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